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MG PestGuard

MG PestGuard


MG PestGuard is an economical solution for agriculturalists who are seeking to reduce their reliance on chemical pesticides. It is safe and environmentally friendly, making it ideal for organic farming.


    • MG PestGuard™ can be applied as soon as seed germination occurs before any occurrence of pest and disease attacks.
    • Spray MG PestGuard™ regularly on designated plants and surrounding areas.
    • Application rate:
    To suppress pests and diseases in the early stages of infestation or infection Mix 100 ml of MG PG™ to 10 liters of water

    During the germination stage and for maintenance purposes

    Mix 20 ml of MG PG™ to 10 liters of water
    • Use MG PestGuard™ in the morning and after heavy rain.
    • Avoid spraying MG PestGuard in hot afternoons to reduce stress on plants.

    PestGuard Weight: 1kg

    (L x W x H): 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 25cm


    Organic Pest Control Solutions

    MG PestGuard™ is designed for broad-spectrum pest control by organic means. The formulation contains a cocktail of microbes and organic substances that act mainly as antifeedants, bio-insecticides and repellents in controlling insect pests.


    MG PestGuard™ can also control certain plant diseases because it contains a compatible blend of native microbes that are highly effective in treating those diseases. Microbes have the ability to produce organic metabolites that act as sterilizers to eliminate harmful microorganisms.

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