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MG AB Microbes (Oil Palm)

MG AB Microbes (Oil Palm)


MG AB Microbes (Oil Palm) is a microbial fertilizer that contains two microbial formulations, namely A and B. Each have its own functions in oil palm cultivation to ensure maximum yield.


    Factors to include AB Microbes in the palm oil fertilization program are:

    • AB microbes can improve soil structure leading to better crop yields in the long term.
    • Costs will be lower because AB Microbes are generally cheaper than mineral fertilizers.
    • Microbe AB is easy to use because it is in liquid form. Drones or fertigation/irrigation systems can be used for better efficiency.
    • AB Microbes is 100% organic and sustainable.



    • Make sure the equipment used for this product is free of chemicals.
    • Shake the bottle well before use.
    • Once opened, the product should be used within 14 days.
    • Since the product is a microbial culture, seeing the container expand or shrink, foam on the surface, sediment at the bottom is normal.

    MG AB Microbes (Oil Palm) Weight: 2L per container

    (L x W x H): 14cm x 10cm x 20.5cm


    Formulation A to promote oil palm growth

    Formulation A is a carefully selected cocktail of various natural microbial strains (biologically active agents) that promote root growth, increase nutrient uptake, balance hormones, enhance photosynthesis, control diseases caused by pathogens, increase resistance to extreme conditions such as drought, and improve soil structure in the long term.


    Formulation B for increasing NPK

    Formulation B contains microbial NPK. N-fixing microbes convert nitrogen in the atmosphere into nitrates that are easily absorbed by plants. P-solubilizing microbes produce organic acids that dissolve precipitated phosphate in the soil for rapid absorption by plants. K solubilizing microbes are able to dissolve insoluble potassium in the soil for plant absorption.

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