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MG Bioguard

MG Bioguard

440.9 Pounds

MG Bioguard is an effective microbial-based treatment in oil palm plantations and contains a unique blend of beneficial microbes. It can suppress and inhibit Ganoderma spp growth and can effectively eradicate the dreaded BSR disease.


    Apart from relying on its biologically active agents to suppress Ganoderma spp. as stated, MG BIOGUARD® contains organic matter and supplies humic and fulvic acids. Bio-organic properties increase water holding capacity as well as soil structure to prevent soil compaction.


    In addition, the material will hold nutrients and release them in a form available to plants. Therefore, with a healthier palm it is less prone to disease attacks.


    MG BioGuard Oil Palm Weight: 40kg bag

    (L x W x H): 45cm x 11cm x 89cm


    MG BioGuard Oil Palm Weight: >1000kg

    (L x W x H): Depends on the transportation vehicle


    Biotechnology Behind MG BioGuard®

    MG BIOGUARD® contains a carefully selected multi-strain cocktail of indigenous microbes (active biological agents) which has antagonistic capabilities towards Ganoderma spp. Members of the cocktail have been tested for their positive compatibility to each other as the ability to co-exist synergistically is crucial.


    Each of the selected strains possesses a unique mycoparasitic property which can suppress and inhibit the growth of Ganoderma spp. The combination of this multi-strain cocktail creates a formidable and effective mechanism to halt and eventually eradicate BSR disease in oil palm plantation.

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