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Smart Farming
at Hand

Smart Paddy is a complete pest and nutrition management service designed for paddy farmers to generate higher yields.

Our Service

This service uses drone surveillance of paddy fields to identify emerging pest infestations and crop health issues as early as possible before they become a problem. So rapid action can be taken to reduce chemical use, costs, and crop waste.


Our specialised paddy drone teams manage all pesticide and fertiliser applications for you.


Our soil management experts determine nutrition plans based on the needs of each paddy field and that works alongside your existing pesticide and fertiliser schedule. Using microbial treatments to improve soil fertility, we reduce your use of harmful chemicals and improve paddy field productivity.

For more information and a free consultation, we could provide your agriculture operations please email us at


Our Happy Clients

One of our successful farmer participants.
T20 drone with pilot and farmer.
Oil palm site visit with FGV at Jengka, Pahang.
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