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NST Leader: Time to listen to padi farmers

Source from NST: November 13, 2023 @ 12:00am

Padi farmers in Kedah are one unhappy lot. And they have very good reasons to be so.

The new padi planting cycle in the state began at the end of September and yet the padi farmers aren't able to lay their hands on certified seeds.

Seed merchants appear to be taking advantage of the "shortage" and selling the seeds at prices the farmers can't afford.

They have other woes, too, which are almost as old as the industry. Old or not, the laments of the farmers have fallen on deaf ears.

If the authorities do listen, they are either incapable of finding a solution or too slow for the growing season. Don't they know a growing season lasts only five months? Yet, they push the poor farmers to go for five growing seasons in two years...

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