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A pilot project to plant rice five times over two years starting in September

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Oleh Nor Fazlina Abdul Rahim - Jun 11, 2023 @ 12:52pm

Mohamad Sabu (right) during a price survey of daily necessities and reasonable price tags at the Tunjong Rural Transformation Center (RTC) - Photo NSTP/NIK ABDULLAH NIK OMAR

KOTA BHARU: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security will start a pilot project to plant rice five times in two years involving an area of 30,000 hectares starting this September.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu, said for a start, his party would focus on the Young Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) area first before expanding to other areas.

"The area of MADA is 100,000 hectares, but for this five-season project we are starting with 30,000 hectares of land first.

"We will make sure that the irrigation system is improved so that it can supply water all the time. We also believe that new technology and diverse and tested rice seeds can further increase rice yields.

Read more in the link below.

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