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The Path to Sustainable Food Security

Smart Farm Agritech is an AI technology and precision farming company that provides a powerful combination of:

  • Satellite and drone crop surveillance technology for pest and disease management

  • AI software applications

  • Precision farming drone services

  • Highly effective and 100% organic biopesticides


We work with Malaysian paddy farmers to help them increase their crop yields by making precision farming easy and practical for them. We are a team comprised of people from the local paddy farming community and UK technology experts, so we understand local problems and have developed ways to solve them. We contribute to improving food security by helping farmers achieve higher yields in a sustainable way.

Agritech for Rice and Oil Palm Growers

Smart Farm Agritech provides innovative technological solutions to the rice and palm oil industries, with the mission to make farming better for both farmers and the environment. Our services are designed to enable greater sustainability, efficiency, and productivity for farmers, so they can achieve high yields and profitability and continue to feed the planet in a conscious manner.

Precision Farming 

We provide consultation to farmers regarding creating optimal conditions for paddy growth, full growth cycle crop management, use of pesticide and fertilizer and provide related precision farming and drone services.


Data-Powered Agriculture

Proprietary technologies such as our Watchman Satellite System for large-scale crop health surveillance and Crop Doctor, our disease recognition AI assist farmers in making better and quicker decisions on pest and disease control measures, which help prevent damaging yield losses.

Next Generation of Organic Products

In order to improve biodiversity and soil fertility in paddy fields and oil palm plantations, we are committed to incorporating an organic-led approach to soil conditioning and pest and disease control.

AI-Driven Applications

We provide oil palm plantation owners with bespoke AI applications to optimize processes from plantation-to-mill, reduce manpower requirements and support them in maximizing yield and profitability.


Our company is committed to ensuring that our staple foods are sustainable by implementing the latest technology and applying organic-based products for our customers. 

Therefore, we introduce to future and current clients of our great services for paddy and oil palm industries. 

Featured Products


Microbial Fertilizer

for Oil Palm

MG B Microbes (Oil Palm)
MG A Microbes (Oil Palm)

Recent News

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